Fluid System Services

Fuel System Service
Our Fuel System Service is a three-step process that removes deposits from the entire fuel & air intake system, restoring power, performance, and fuel economy. Deposits in the fuel system reduce fuel economy, impair drivability, and interfere with the proper operation of an engine. Deposits are a by-product of the engine's internal combustion process and need to be removed on a regular basis. Utilizing a 3-step process, our Fuel System Service removes deposits from the entire fuel & air intake system including: fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, throttle body and entire air intake system. Helps to:
• Restore maximum power and performance.
• Eliminate rough idle, hesitation, and knocking.
• Reduce emissions caused by deposits.
• Restore engine efficiency and fuel economy

Power Steering Flush
Our Power Steering Flush Service helps to provide optimal steering efficiency and extend the life of the power steering components. Power steering fluid is one of the most overlooked automotive system fluids in a vehicle. Power steering fluid loses effectiveness over time, risking steering system performance and ultimately failure that may cost $1,000 or more.

Transmission Flush
Our Automatic Transmission Flush Service helps maintain proper shifting characteristics and prolong the life of your transmission, which may easily exceed $2,500 in repair costs. Ninety percent of transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. Conventional transmission services remove only a small portion of the contaminated fluid from the system. Leftover fluid contaminates the new fluid, causing new deposits to form more quickly. These deposits reduce the ability of the fluid to cool properly, lending itself to further breakdown, overheating, and ultimately transmission failure.

Cooling System Flush
Our Cooling System Flush Service helps extend the life of the cooling system components, keeps the entire system clean, and functioning as efficiently as possible by starting with a treatment to dissolve deposits and scale. Cooling system failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdown on the road according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. - Antifreeze/Coolant gradually loses its protective qualities, allowing corrosion and deposits to form. This build-up chokes off the flow of the coolant and may lead to overheating, freeze ups in winter, breakdown and/or costly repairs which may exceed $2,000.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Service
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Solution for SCR NOx Reduction systems
• Compatible with all on and off highway SCR systems
• API and AdBlue® certified
• Meets ISO 22241 specification
• Enables on-highway diesel engines to meet the EPA's near-zero Nox emissions levels
required for 2010 and later.

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