Oil Change & Filter Service (No appointment needed)

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Changing the oil and filter according manufacturer specifications will keep your engine running smoothly for years to come. Every Oil Change includes the following services:
• Install new oil filter
• Lubricate chassis
• Check air filter
• Check/fill power steering fluid
• Check/fill windshield washer fluid
• Check/fill transmission or transaxle fluid
• Check/fill differential fluid
• Check/fill engine coolant level
• Check windshield wiper blades
• Wash windshield
• Vacuum front seat

Conventional or Synthetic Oil ?
Modern engines are designed for friction reductions plus precision tight clearances to yield greater efficiency and more power. Most engine wear occurs at start-up, which is at low temperature, so it's critical that engine parts receive proper lubrication as soon as possible--hence the need for a thinner viscosity. But sustained high speed operation, like on the local mountain highways, demand high viscosity to maintain proper lubrication. Unlike Conventional mineral oils that are produced by distillation and further refining of existing crude oil stock, synthetic lubricants are made through chemical reactions. These new oils still have the same natural ingredients found in "real" oil but they are recombined like a Lego set to yield synthesized-hydrocarbon molecular chains with desirable characteristics and uniformity not found in even the highest-quality conventional motor oils. Because synthetic oil's molecules are much more consistent in size and shape, they are better able to withstand extreme engine temperatures. By contrast, the unstable molecules in conventional oil can easily vaporize or oxidize in extreme heat. Full Synthetic oil is capable of protecting engines at well over 400 degrees F. Because full synthetic oil is chemically produced, there are no contaminants in it. By contrast, conventional oils contain small amounts of sulfur, wax, and asphaltic material that can promote detonation as well as varnish and sludge buildup. With no wax, synthetics will flow at much lower temperatures than conventional oils. There are 5W-30 conventional and synthetic oils, but even here, the synthetic has a real-world advantage: 5W-30 will pump at -58-degrees F, compared to about -35-degrees F for a conventional oil. Your car’s manufacturer is always the best source for the oil specification as they designed the engine. However, typically there is a disclaimer such as “under normal operating conditions”. You may choose to upgrade oil service to prolong the life of your vehicle if you are usually operating your vehicle under the following conditions:
• Extreme low temperatures
• Heavy loads
• Towing a trailer
• Frequent starts and shorts trips
• High Speed mountainous driving

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