Personalized Preventive Maintenance

Let us help you protect your investment. Our goal is to minimize emergency repairs by cost-effective preventive maintenance program. That is, we believe towing charges, emergency repairs at the nearest shop on the road instead of your own, and potential major damage as a result of overheating or worn parts is far more expensive than a well designed personalized maintenance program. Our mission at the The Gunny Lube is to provide you with safe and reliable high country driving.

Since no two drivers are exactly the same, let us provide you with a personalized maintenance schedule specifically matched to your vehicle which blends our recommended service schedule, your vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, your own service strategy, and your driving habits. We will then provide you with a personalized maintenance schedule stored in our shop showing all the recommended services over the next several years as well as the service history documented with receipts. We will work with you and your budget to properly look after all the maintenance needs of your vehicle.

Maintaining your vehicle with complete service records and receipts is critical in because it:
• Increases future trade-in value
• Increases the life of your vehicle
• Ensures reliability
• Reduces expensive surprises
• Keeps warranties in effect
• Increased safety for you and your family



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