On/Off-Site 15 Point RV Inspection Service

Recreational Vehicle Inspection Includes:
• Check all fluid levels: engine oil, transmission, power steering, brakes and windshield
• Check air filter. A clean air filter helps your engine perform better and improves fuel economy.
• Check for any leaks: Look under the RV and or tow vehicle for any indications of leaks.
• Check radiator coolant: Check the level, condition & concentration of anti-freeze.
• Check radiator hoses & clamps: Look for worn, cracked, brittle or soft spots in the hoses.
• Check heater hoses & clamps: Look for worn, cracked, or soft spots in the hoses.
• Check all belts: Look for signs of wear and for any cracks in the belt. Check the belts tension.
• Check all lights.
• Check wiper blades for wear and poor operation. It's too late once it starts raining.
• Check the starting battery state of charge, water level, cables and connections.
• Check condition of your tires: Look for uneven wear, tread depth and for proper tire inflation.
• Start the engine and allow it to warm up. Check all gauges for proper operation.
• Check the dash air for proper operation.
• Check all wheel bearings and brakes — should be inspected at least once annually.
• Check your emergency kit for a flashlight, extra batteries, jumper cables, first aid kit, basic
hand tools, and warning devices.

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